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When you choose Rock Solid Blogs, you get industry best practices combined with the creativity of people who care about your results. We're not happy unless you are.

Rock Solid Websites

Rock Solid Blogs takes extra steps to ensure your websites are as secure as they can be. Depending on your needs, your site can be built to be as secure as your bank.

Superior Support

Our clients trust us to build sites that are good looking and that work. After you've taken delivery of your site 97% of our customers choose to have us keep it up to date and maintain it. Find out what the right level of service is for you.

No matter if you want to build your first website or whether you're an established business with many sites, Rock Solid Blogs will serve you well. We've built websites for a number of non-profit groups, churches, and public figures. Even if you choose to learn how to do it yourself, we can be your guide and show you how to get started.

Rock Solid Blogs are built on the powerful and popular WordPress CMS that now powers over twenty-five percent of all the world's websites. We know our way around WordPress so you don't have to.

We offer a free initial consultation to get to know you and to see if we're a good fit for each other. When we agree, we ask you to fill out an in-depth questionnaire to get an even better feel for your needs. It's our mission to become your trusted partner for your online marketing needs.

We build the foundation for your site with the services in the lower tiers. Each level up offers increased sophistication as well as an increased investment and results. Contact us to discuss your specific needs. You will never hear a slick sales pitch from us. You'll get honest opinions of your ideas and a plan to move forward if you want to.

Here's a breakdown of the services we offer.

Tier One: Basic Operational Level

The First and Most Fundamental Level of Services is What We Call the BASIC OPERATIONAL level.

  • We create a no-frills website that's functional. We point your domain at one our three preferred hosting companies. The website is checked so it's error free.
  • Security systems are installed and configured. Spam blocking solutions are put in place.
  • The site is optimized to load quickly.
Tier Two: Intermediate Level

The Second Tier of Services is called the Intermediate Level.

  • Everything included in the Basic Operational Tier. PLUS...
  • You get a better design for your website. Premium Content Management Systems (CMS) are used.
  • We update your site for 12 months at no extra charge.
  • Analytics code is installed on the site.
  • The website works well on mobile devices. It is built to be responsive, so it looks good on all mobile devices.
Tier Three: Audience Awareness

The third tier of Rock Solid Blog's services is called AUDIENCE AWARENESS. Here, we start to go in-depth about things that matter to growing your audience.

  • We help you create buyer personas, also called customer avatars.
  • We know how to focus on your target market and will help you get results by nurturing your prospects and customers.
  • Content Marketing is introduced on the site. Use your own content or we can produce it for a fee.
  • Email marketing can grow your business only if it's done right. Rock Solid Blogs can coach you or do it for you.
  • Conversion Optimization is very important for growth. It does no good to get hundreds or thousands of people to visit your site if the won't do what you want them to. We know how to guide you or we can create a done-for-you solution.
  • On-Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely important. It's how you get Google, Bing, and other search engines to pay attention to your site. This field is time-consuming and must be done well. Otherwise, your investment could be wasted.
Tier Four: Attraction Marketing

Attraction Marketing is the next level up for our services. It has been proven the 20th-Century ways of selling on the Internet do not work well when used on today's savvy consumers. This tier of services includes:

  • Strategies for creating your ethical bribe, also called a lead magnet, to offer visitors in exchange for their email address. Offer the wrong thing and your efforts will amount to nothing. Offer the right thing to the right person and watch your list grow and grow.
  • This level introduces more advanced content marketing strategies.
  • Social Media Marketing is gaining more influence daily. To grow your business, you simply must know how to use social media for your niche.
  • Offsite SEO or link-building is an important component of this tier. Done right, it can boost your results substantially.
  • Audience building via Paid Traffic.
Tier Five: High-Level Performance Enhancements

The High-Level Performance Enhancements we offer are not for everyone. These services are important because when your website is growing exponentially, these services need to be used in order to scale your business properly.

  • The User Experience (UX) is fine-tuned so visitors can navigate to the information they need effortlessly.
  • UX goes hand-in-hand with advanced sales funnel design. Even if you're not selling a product, this skill is vital for selling your idea or getting a donation.
  • Here's where Offline Optimization comes into play.
  • There's detailed measurement of Return on Investment (ROI) at this level.
  • and other services for the website owner whose website if rapidly growing.

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